Four Lessons Learnt from “A Leap to the Cloud: The Future of Digital Wealth Management”

December 10, 2021
Four Lessons Learnt from “A Leap to the Cloud: The Future of Digital Wealth Management”

Together with Microsoft, Quantifeed led a breakfast meeting on the 8th of December 2021 that sparked a discussion about bringing digital wealth management to the cloud. The exclusive talk was attended by several leaders in technology, wealth management, and digital transformation from major financial institutions in Hong Kong. 

Here are our four takeaways from the meeting:

#1: We're never going to see less digital engagement in wealth management than today

Wealth management is increasingly digital. An unavoidable shift is taking place right now as we see more and more financial institutions in Asia adopt technology to reach out to their customers and stay competitive. A growing need for personalised and engaging investment advice (aka “wealthcare”) at scale means a need for businesses to tap into robust financial technology and automation. How do we achieve this? 

#2: Product innovation is essential to building the future of wealthcare

“We’re driving this industry forward”, Ross Milward, Co-Founder and CTO at Quantifeed reveals upcoming investment products that will improve customers’ retirement journey. 

The need for new and innovative products brought about by changing demographics will come sooner than we think. Quantifeed will be bringing new impactful wealthcare products in 2022 - a retirement income solution that includes expert portfolio analytics, hyper personalisation, together with automated rebalancing that will create an enjoyable investing experience. Utilising cloud technology, businesses will achieve scalable product innovation quickly and conveniently.

#3: The back end is a critical partner to the front end

A beautiful interface is great. But a strong supporting system is crucial to creating a seamless and enjoyable investment journey. With upcoming innovative solutions next year, we continue to prioritise the investor and user experience. We will create smart algorithms that make for better customer experiences to help customers understand the health of their wealth through portfolio customisation and health checks. Convenient actions for top-up, withdrawals, or setting up a regular savings plan is one touch away. 

From straight through trade and order processing, rebalancing, to reporting, we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution that help our clients grow their wealth management business. All this made possible, powered by the cloud.

#4: The right cloud hosting partner is key to meeting growth objectives

Microsoft has been a long-standing partner to Quantifeed, enabling us to deliver successful and frictionless products and services. Microsoft Azure has facilitated unprecedented innovation, allowing us to pioneer creative investment solutions to match the needs of everyone. Digital transformation is everywhere, so bringing your development operations to the cloud is crucial to facilitate the changes needed straight-throughtoday.