Pride Month with Pink Alliance Hong Kong

In celebration of Pride Month, Quantifeed invited Alex See, Director of Fundraising for Pink Alliance Hong Kong to share what Pride Month is about. Alex led Quantifeed team mates from all around the world into a time of heartfelt sharing, questions, and bonding.

3 Key Wealth Management Trends in Southeast Asia

As complex and diverse as the ASEAN region is, wealth managers must address the similar needs that bind them to operate successfully across each market. That is, to identify and tackle three key trends of wealth management in Southeast Asia

Top 5 Features of Quantifeed’s Advisor-Led solution

Quantifeed’s Advisor-Led solution for Private Banks is a best-in-class digital desktop made to empower Advisors. Powered by QEngine, it has five key features that will help advisors scale their business and drive the bottom line.

Wealth Management Connect Scheme for the GBA

The Wealth Management Connect Scheme will give Hong Kong immediate access to a large and wealthy customer base from Mainland China. Quantifeed can get financial Institutions ready to scale their business to capture this customer base.

Threshold for Portfolio Rebalancing

There are two main indicators of interest when maintaining a peak-performing portfolio- drift and tracking error. How can financial institutions leverage quantitative analysis and technology to increase efficiencies?

Portfolio of the Month: Cyber Security US

Welcome to Portfolio of the Month! This quarter, Quantifeed highlights Cyber Security companies in the United States. One of the advantages to living in a highly interconnected world is convenience.