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Fintech Singapore – Robo-Advisory Services in Asia





“Robo-Advisory Services in Asia”

By Fintechnews Singapore, 18/6/2016

Automated advisory platforms, also known as robo-advisors, have already caused a stir in the US and the UK, and are now winning market share in Asia.

These digital platforms offer online, customized investment advice and portfolio constitution, most of the time through ETFs or mutual funds, and are starting to appear in Asia as the region is expected to drive most the private wealth’s growth for the next decade and beyond.

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Quantifeed chosen as one of the Top 20 innovative start-ups in Hong Kong

Quantifeed is recognized among the top 20 innovative start-ups in Hong Kong by FinTechCity. The list features start-ups with the potential to become game-changers as well as high-growth enterprises with competitive staying power. It was included in FinTechCity’s FinTech50 2016 report. It is the second time the list has been released in the report and was published to coincide with FinTechCity’s Money 20/20 event taking place in Copenhagen.

“Between them, our panels looked at over 500 FinTech companies in India and Hong Kong.”

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Hubbis – Plugging the Digital Gap



“There is a lot of change coming from the mass affluent and retail audience,” he explains, “and there is a lot of demand there for digital and for wealth management because a lot of these people don’t get any wealth management services at the moment.”

“Plugging the Digital Gap”

By Hubbis, 11/04/2016

While the demand for digital wealth management is growing among Asian investors, many traditional players are struggling to respond. So firms which enable financial institutions to offer clients and advisers a web-based portfolio investing service have a niche to exploit, says Alex Ypsilanti of Quantifeed.

Wealth management continues to move from the traditional model of personal financial advice towards becoming increasingly digital.

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FinanceAsia – Private Banks Robotic Evolution




“Eighteen months ago nobody knew what robo advice was, but during 2015 private banks realised that they needed to address this strategically at a high level. It’s on everyone’s agenda; whether to launch such services in 2016 or 2017.” Quantifeed CEO Alex Ypsilanti

“Private Banks Robotic Evolution”

By Richard Morrow, 07/04/2016

The words ‘private banking’ can evoke some stereotypical images, like leather-backed chairs in rooms with wood-panelled walls and bookshelves filled with expensive tomes or expensively attired Swiss bankers parcelling out bits of investment wisdom over snifters of brandy and cigars. One item not typically included? A computer screen running a programme that spits out cheap investment ideas.

The rise and rise of new technology is upending many assumptions in finance. Technologically savvy companies are already competing fiercely with banks in areas such as retail banking and small company loans. They now see private banking as their next hunting ground.

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Fintech Innovation – Options for incumbents in US$2 trillion robo-advisory market of 2020




In part one of this two-part series we had a brief introduction on the market dynamics of the robo-advisory business. This time we take a look at how the incumbents are fighting, joining or reeling from the onslaught of robo-advisory services.

Incumbents are waking up to the nightmare that they are losing business to small, less experienced but nonetheless aggressive Fintechs. The SCMP cited a report by Forbes China and Beijing-based wealth manager CreditEase which estimate that at the end of 2015 China’s 15.28 million mass affluent have investible assets of between 600,000 yuan (US$92,600) to six million yuan (US$926,000).


Quantifeed selected as semi-finalist in Innotribe Startup Challenge

Quantifeed is a semi-finalist in the highly-competitive Innotribe Startup Challenge. Launched by SWIFT in 2011, the Innotribe Startup Challenge hand-picks the most impressive fintech startups globally and makes introductions to banks and VCs during four regional showcases. Quantifeed will showcase their product in front of an audience in Singapore on May 28th, which will ultimately vote for the top 5 companies of their choice at the end of each showcase. The 20 companies selected globally in total will automatically secure their place as finalists in the Innotribe Startup Challenge Grand Finale. This year the event will take place in Singapore on October 14 2015.

“We are thrilled that Quantifeed has been recognized as a leader in the burgeoning fintech industry by Innotribe,” said Alex Ypsilanti, CEO of Quantifeed. “We are also encouraged that companies like SWIFT are actively facilitating the development and growth of the exciting Fintech field.”

Over 500 industry experts, bank decision-makers, venture capitalists, and angel investors judged the companies applying to the Startup Challenge and helped select Quantifeed as one of the 60 semi-finalists entering the programme this year.

South China Morning Post – Feeding a need




“Why is it that technology has impacted so many areas of our lives, but has yet to really change how we manage our wealth? There has to be a more effective way to provide a sound and transparent service to anyone needing to invest their savings.” Quantifeed CEO Alex Ypsilanti

“Feeding a need”

By Jefferson Mendoza, 04/10/2016

Finding the right tools for wealth management can be daunting at first as one strives to navigate the world of investment. How do you get the appropriate services that can lead to a bigger market?

Hong Kong-based technology start-up Quantifeed, headed by co-founders chief executive Alex Ypsilanti and chief technology officer Ross Milward, provides investment and technology solutions to a wider audience by working with financial intermediaries and institutional investors.

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