South China Morning Post – Feeding a need

October 4, 2014
South China Morning Post – Feeding a need

“Why is it that technology has impacted so many areas of our lives, but has yet to really change how we manage our wealth? There has to be a more effective way to provide a sound and transparent service to anyone needing to invest their savings.” Quantifeed CEO Alex Ypsilanti

“Feeding a need”

  • By Jefferson Mendoza, 04/10/2016

Finding the right tools for wealth management can be daunting at first as one strives to navigate the world of investment. How do you get the appropriate services that can lead to a bigger market?

Hong Kong-based technology start-up Quantifeed, headed by co-founders chief executive Alex Ypsilanti and chief technology officer Ross Milward, provides investment and technology solutions to a wider audience by working with financial intermediaries and institutional investors.

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