Quantifeed partners with Everbright Sun Hung Kai to launch robo-investment solution in Hong Kong

October 23, 2019
Quantifeed partners with Everbright Sun Hung Kai to launch robo-investment solution in Hong Kong
  • Provides retail investors easy access to diversified multi-asset and thematic portfolios
  • Transforms investment landscape by making portfolio management transparent, affordable and accessible to mass affluent market

Hong Kong, October 23, 2019 – Quantifeed, Asia’s leading provider of digital wealth management solutions, has partnered with Everbright Sun Hung Kai Company Limited (“Everbright Sun Hung Kai”) to launch a robo-investment solution. The new platform, called EBSHK Direct AI-Portfolio Investing, enables retail investors in Hong Kong to easily access a diverse set of portfolios of Hong Kong stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Such portfolios are typically only available through financial advisors. The launch of EBSHK Direct AI-Portfolio Investing marks another milestone in bringing wealth management to retail investors in Hong Kong.

EBSHK Direct AI-Portfolio Investing provides investors access to an entire portfolio of 5 to 20 Hong Kong stocks or Hong Kong ETFs developed using smart analytics and quantitative research. The portfolios allow customers to invest in multi-asset strategies and topical investment themes, and are rebalanced on a regular basis to capture industry and market changes. With an initial investment of HKD$20,000, investors can explore, trade and manage a broad set of portfolios that suit their investment preferences and profiles.

Quantifeed’s award-winning robo-technology provides transparent and affordable access to portfolios, helping investors avoid some of the pitfalls of stock picking and the intensity of constructing and managing their own portfolios. The platform uses Quantifeed’s QEngine to support portfolio services such as research, order management, rebalancing and tracking.

Alex Ypsilanti, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Quantifeed, said, “We are very excited to have worked with Everbright Sun Hung Kai to bring a leading digital wealth management solution to retail investors in Hong Kong. Made to be easy, engaging and convenient, EBSHK Direct AI-Portfolio Investing serves as a great example of how technology can help financial institutions provide wealthcare – a customer-centric service focused on meeting everyone’s wealth management needs.”

Jonathan Hsu, Director, Head of EBSHK Direct and Digital Business, Wealth Management and Brokerage, EBSHK, said, “EBSHK Direct AI-Portfolio Investing empowers our clients who prefer to manage their wealth online and to stay ahead of the market with a self-manageable and affordable Hong Kong stock portfolio management solution that combines smart data analytics, qualitative and quantitative research. The launch reflects our relentless effort in service innovation for our clients, especially in the digital arena, just like what we have been doing in the past 50 years.”

EBSHK Direct AI-Portfolio Investing currently offers 13 investment portfolios of topical investment themes with optimized allocations and weightings. The portfolios are formulated by Quantifeed’s quantitative research team using data analytics, and EBSHK’s in-house retail research. U.S. stocks and ETFs will be added to the selection to give investors more choice to meet their individual investment goals. ends/more

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About Quantifeed

Quantifeed powers digital wealth management journeys for financial institutions. The company combines software engineering and quantitative finance to help transform its clients into providers of wealthcare – a customer-centric service focused on meeting everyone’s wealth management needs. Quantifeed’s investment journeys enable retail investors, advisors and portfolio managers to manage portfolios according to risk appetite, investment interests or life-goals. Its award-winning robo-technology platform, QEngine, brings productivity, scale and efficiency to banks, brokers and insurance companies. Delivered on the cloud or on premises, QEngine supports multiple instruments, including funds, listed securities and fixed income.

Quantifeed is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Sydney and Singapore. Today Quantifeed services some of the largest banks and wealth planners to democratize wealth management in Asia and beyond. Its QEngine platform has been named Best Robo Advisor Solution by Asian Private Banker magazine in 2017 and 2018. To learn more about Quantifeed’s philosophy of wealthcare, visit www.quantifeed.com

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