Quantifeed Wins APB Best Robo Advisor Solution for Second Consecutive Year

March 12, 2019
Quantifeed Wins APB Best Robo Advisor Solution for Second Consecutive Year

12/03/2019, Asian Private Banker

Increasing sophistication amongst wealth management clients and a growing need for scalable solutions has led to the emergence of robo-advisors. This is particularly true in Asia where investors tend to be hands-on and a major wealth transferal is expected to pave the way for a more tech-savvy generation. But client demand is accompanied by stricter calls by the region’s regulators for more suitability checks and comprehensive due diligence, requiring robo-advisory firms to not only provide sound investment advice but also adapt to compliance laws across jurisdictions.

Last year, Quantifeed’s unique solutions enabled it to establish itself as a leading provider of robo-advisory services to wealth managers in Asia by demonstrating the three pillars of its platform’s core value proposition: high configurability for a customised user experience, asset allocation and portfolio construction expertise that can be tailored to different markets, and a proven track record of seamless integration into complex core systems.

The firm was particularly successful in Taiwan where it collaborated with various banks to launch customised robo-advisory platforms, demonstrating its nimbleness and flexibility. In late 2018, it worked with Cathay United to launch its robo platform, CathayRobo, which features an algorithmic portfolio management engine that provides personalised investment portfolios for clients at a very low initial minimum amount and is fully integrated into the bank’s systems. And with SinoPac Securities in Taiwan, Quantifeed is planning the implementation of its theme-based investment platform, Investart, which has been operational in Hong Kong for two years.

Proof of Quantifeed’s distinctive capabilities was best evidenced by Singaporean bank DBS selecting them to build a platform with a strong direct-to-consumer presence and complex functionalities for internal users. Quantifeed was selected as the finalist due to the strength of the platform and its technical prowess.

2018 also saw Quantifeed launch its Management and Advisor Portal (MAP) — a dashboard of vertically integrated modules covering administration, investment, customer management, product, and regulatory functions. Additional modules will be added in 2019 to facilitate the analysis of investor behaviour.

Quantifeed’s continuous demonstration of excellence and provision of timely, reliable, and customisable solutions has earned it the respect and business of some of the biggest financial institutions in the region.

Quantifeed is the winner of Asian Private Banker’s Best Robo-Advisor Solution for 2018.

“Quantifeed helps people live financially better lives. We are redefining what it means to put the customer first in financial services. At its simplest, we call this revolution wealthcare. Just as healthcare has evolved to focus on wellness and prevention, putting the patient first and foremost, so must financial services. Wealthcare is the evolution of wealth management from serving the few to the many, from standardised products to individual solutions and from limited contact points to unrestricted multi-channel availability. Quantifeed brings together decades of software engineering and quantitative finance to help financial institutions lead the transition to wealthcare. We are working with some of the largest wealth management organisations in Asia to digitise their services for thousands of customers regardless of whether they are saving or in retirement. Our goal is to make access to wealth management advice painless, transparent, and — dare we say it — delightful.”

Alex Ypsilanti, CEO & co-founder, Quantifeed