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Wealthcare, has emerged as a top life planning priority for the majority of Hongkongers. Quantifeed’s newly published report, The “State of Wealthcare – Disconnects Between Hongkongers’ Desire and Action”, reveals that Hongkongers are taking wealth management more seriously than ever before, and are looking for emerging technologies to fulfill their needs. The pandemic has reshuffled investment expectations and behaviors. Professional advice has become more important than ever as investors seek help in navigating an ever-changing environment. Safeguarding financial health in an uncertain world, while having access to digital platforms and human advisors, is a must for consumers.
To learn more about Hongkongers’ wealth managment needs expectations, download the report on the right.​
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Wealth management has been undergoing a transformation due to the acceleration of digitisation. Our survey shows Hongkongers’ growing preference for trusted and personalised wealth management solutions amid the pandemic. It’s time for financial institutions to digitise their services for easier access. As an expert of “wealthcare”, Quantifeed is pleased to see that financial wellness has become an essential part of people’s lives. We are committed to providing solutions that can help Hongkongers achieve their financial goals. quote

Alex Ypsilanti, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Quantifeed

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Technology, and economic and societal developments have always been intertwined throughout history. Quantifeed is proud to partner with wealth management distributors to offer Hongkongers simple, personalised and transparent solutions. Investors are taking their wealthcare more seriously than ever with an increased awareness of robo technology and global diversification​. Quantifeed combines software engineering and quantitative finance to transform financial institutions into wealthcare providers. Our robo-technology offers customer-centric wealth management to meet investors’ needs. quote

Ross Milward, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Quantifeed

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