Turn ideas into assets

Asset allocation portfolios

Investing to achieve goals

Our financial goals and risk tolerance tools allow investors to reach financial objectives by mapping their requirements to suitable asset allocation portfolios.

  • Consists of ETFs or actively managed funds that invest in multiple asset classes for diversification
  • Based on Nobel prize-winning portfolio construction models often employed by pension funds
  • Can be used to build retirement or savings portfolios

Thematic portfolios

Investing in contemporary themes

Our thematic portfolios save hours of research by offering a convenient way to invest in global investment themes.

  • Traditionally available to only Institutional and High Net Worth clients
  • Direct thematic investing without the need for structured products, derivatives or expensive wrappers
  • Securities related to investment themes or trends, such as clean energy or social media
  • Rules-based security selection and weighting

Quantitative strategy portfolios

Investing in systematic research-based strategies

Our quantitative strategies capitalise on fundamental, behavioural or technical market inefficiencies.

  • Factor portfolios, such as income, value, growth or volatility
  • Dynamic momentum or event-driven strategies

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