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Model portfolios powered by Quantifeed

Quantifeed develops and maintains a comprehensive library of model portfolios. We partner with you to build global and contemporary portfolios to suit the needs of your clients. Access multiple investment strategies from a selection of asset allocation, thematic, strategic and replication models.

User journeys guide advisors and investors to dynamic and rigorously constructed investment strategies. Transparent and objective rules govern the portfolios. Our clients select the models best suited to their customer needs and strategic objectives.

Global & contemporary portfolios

  • Stock, ETFs, managed funds
  • Asset allocation, thematic and quantitative strategies
  • Transparent and objective rules
  • Regularly rebalanced and adjusted

Quantitative team

Collectively, our quantitative team has over 40 years of experience researching, building and maintaining model portfolios. This expertise has allowed us to pioneer many new types of financial products and help financial institutions raise over $20 billion in assets during our careers. Many on the team are PhD and CFA qualified and have received formal awards and recognition by independent organisations for their contributions to the industry. Our dedicated team calculates over one hundred indices across all major markets and securities, including stocks, ETFs, and actively managed funds.

Our quantitative team is among the largest and most experienced in Asia.


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