ChinaTimes – 永豐金證券(亞洲) 推出智能理財服務 (SinoPac Securities (Asia) to launch an intelligent portfolio financial services InveStart)

May 10, 2017
ChinaTimes – 永豐金證券(亞洲) 推出智能理財服務 (SinoPac Securities (Asia) to launch an intelligent portfolio financial services InveStart)
  • By China Times, 19/05/2017


近年來,智能投顧和被動式投資在美國和全球市場發展迅速,儼然是兩股不可忽視的趨勢。根據知名管理顧問公司A.T. Kearney預測,美國智能投顧行業的資產管理規模將從2016年的3,000億美元增長至2020年的2.2萬億美元,達到68%的年均複合成長率,被動式投資高速成長已成銳不可擋之勢。



SinoPac Securities (Asia) announced that it has partnered with Quantifeed, a multinational financial and technology service company, to launch an intelligent portfolio financial services InveStart, to combine the active stock selection and index operation advantages of the theme and asset allocation portfolio, with low service charges and intelligent investment assistant, reduce investor investment costs and reduce the management account of the complex work to help investors smart financial management, easy to reach Investment objectives.

In recent years, intelligent investment and passive investment in the United States and the global market is developing rapidly, as if the two cannot be ignored trend. According to A.T. Kearney, a well-known management consultancy, the size of asset management in the US smart investment industry will grow from $300 billion in 2016 to $2.2 trillion in 2020 to 68 percent annual growth rate, has become irresistible trend.

SinoPac Securities (Asia) has been committed to providing investors with diversified, professional financial services to meet the needs of different investors, feel the development of digital wealth management strong, launched InveStart smart portfolio financial services, become the first brokerage approved by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and the leading provider in Greater China.

In addition to the benefits of risk diversification, transparency and low cost, InveStart also keeps track of the management’s account at any time through the Smart Investment Assistant, and periodically issues an adjustment notice. When a customer receives a notification, he / Completion of the portfolio adjustment, Asia’s wealth management will create another new title page, open the door to wisdom and wealth management.

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