Index series

Asset allocation indices

  • Consists of ETFs or funds that invest in multiple asset classes for diversification
  • Based on Nobel prize-winning portfolio construction models that have become an industry standard and are often employed by pension funds
  • Used to build retirement or savings portfolios

Thematic indices

  • Consists of stocks related to investment themes or trends, such as clean energy or ageing population
  • Based on rules that consider the relevance of a company to the theme by looking at factors such as breakdown of revenue by product or geography
  • Used to invest in a particular idea or theme

Replication indices

  • Allows users to track the performance of well-known investment portfolios that are unavailable to most investors, such as investment portfolios of sovereign wealth funds, university endowments or hedge funds
  • Based on various approaches including optimized sampling and regression

Controlled indices

  • Enables users to control a particular aspect of an investment strategy such as its market volatility, currency risk or yield
  • Calculated using industry standard techniques employed in many investment products

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