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A financial index is a portfolio of securities that is typically used to track the performance of a particular market segment or strategy. Investing in the securities making up an index allows investors to gain exposure to the segment or strategy of the index. Quantifeed’s library of indices can be used to give your users access to any number of investment strategies depending on investment goals. We calculate over one hundred indices across all major markets and securities, including stocks, ETFs and active funds.

A framework of transparency

Quantifeed’s indices are governed by a predefined set of rules. We believe in transparent and reproducible indices. A rules-based framework ensures that indices are maintained without any human discretion or biases which can often lead to poor investment decisions.

A high quality index is as much about representation of the underlying strategy and tradability as it is about simple methodology that can be easily understood and communicated. We avoid complex models that are opaque and create confusion.

Customised calculation

We use our powerful index management engine to calculate customized versions of Quantifeed indices or indices sponsored by 3rd parties, such as asset managers and independent research companies.

Track record

Quantifeed’s indices are developed to track an investment idea as accurately as possible. Their performance depends on the performance of the strategies they track. So we think of track record in terms of how representative is an index of the underlying investment strategy.

Collectively, our index development team has over 20 years of experience researching, building and maintaining indices. This expertise has allowed us to pioneer many new types of indices and help financial institutions raise over $20 billion in assets.

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